Data Requests

All data at this site is available to anyone for research purposes. While we do not have any past data archived on the website at this time, please feel free to email us at any time including the following information:

Your name, affiliation, what data set(s) you'd like, the date range you'd like them, and a brief reason why you'd like the data.

If the data is intended to be used in a published work, please inform us, as we like to keep a running list of publications/papers/posters that have used data from the site.

Requests will be responded to within 0-3 business days, barring any unforeseen circumstances or holiday breaks.


***For NJDEP Air Monitoring data from the site, please use the "NJDEP Air Monitoring Group" link in the navigation pane to access their data archive online or contact them directly. Similarly, for lightning detector data, please contact WSI Inc.directly.***


Current Data Availability*

915 MHz Wind Profiler (Wind and Virtual Temp profiles): October 1994-Present
(FORMAT: text files)
Pre-made images are also available: daily Wind Speed/Direction plots, hourly hodographs, and daily line graphs of virtual temperature.
We will also happily share our codes for graphing, too. Python is used for the hodograph and winds, and Matlab is used for the virtual temperautre.

Meteorological Tower (temp, winds, etc): January 1999-Present
(FORMAT: Microsoft Excel files)

MFRSR (Shadowband Radiometer) Data: October 2015-Present
(FORMAT: text files)

SODAR/Echosonde: October 1994-Early September 2007
(FORMAT: *.BS, *.CDF, *.MX, *.WND, *.CDG)


*Availability is not continuous through the years. Power failures and equipment repairs/maintenance do happen, so there are periods where certain data is not available. Data is provided in "as-is" condition, though we'll be more than happy to help if you're having trouble working with the files. While we take great care in quality controlling the data, it cannot be guaranteed that errant observations haven't slipped through, especially with data sets going back almost 20 years, and through several different managers/overseers. Please contact Matt Drews at mdrews-at-rutgers-dot-edu with any questions or concerns you may have.