Remote Sensing Data

915 Mhz Wind Profiler Data

Wind Profiles of the Atmosphere Since Midnight (0:00 Eastern)

wind profile wind profile

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Hodograph of Wind Profiler Data (most recent hour)

Hodograph Hodograph

What is a Hodograph?
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Virtual Temperature Profiles of the Atmosphere since Midnight (0:00 Eastern)

Virtual Temperautre Virtual Temperature

Magenta dashed lines: Standard Atmospheric Lapse Rate (6.49°C/km)
White dashed lines: Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate (9.8°C/km)

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NJDEP Air Pollution Data

Looking for Current Air Pollution data from the DEP?

For a look at the 3 Day Air Pollution History at the Pam Site, Click Here

For ALL Current Air Pollution levels at the Pam Site, Click Here

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USPLN Lightning Detection Network

Partnered with WSI's United States Precision Lightning Detector Network, our site hosts a lightning detector included in their national and international networks. The map below shows the network's most recent lightning detections in the Northeast. (Map used with permission from WSI, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Lightning Data Lightning Data

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