Remote Sensing Data

915 Mhz Wind Profiler Data

Wind Profiles of the Atmosphere Since Midnight (0:00 Eastern)

wind profile wind profile

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Hodograph of Wind Profiler Data (most recent hour)

Hodograph Hodograph

What is a Hodograph?
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Virtual Temperature Profiles of the Atmosphere since Midnight (0:00 Eastern)

Virtual Temperautre Virtual Temperature

Magenta dashed lines: Standard Atmospheric Lapse Rate (6.49°C/km)
White dashed lines: Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate (9.8°C/km)

How Do I Read this Plot & What is the Difference Between Virtual Temperature and Normal Temperature?
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NJDEP Air Pollution Data

Looking for Current Air Pollution data from the DEP?

For a look at the 3 Day Air Pollution History at the Pam Site, Click Here

For ALL Current Air Pollution levels at the Pam Site, Click Here

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